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If you like having your spic-and-span residence, the sight of a cockroach hiding in your property can make you hysterical. You’re going to have them annihilated immediately. Many homeowners, not recognizing how deep the problem is, try different approaches to Do It Yourself. While many are effective, they only use a short-term relief. In the end, you were given no choice but to contact a Pest Control expert  in Sydney  to address the problem.

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I used Sovereign Pest Control for spraying. They come out when I want them to. They also guaranteed their work and also they checked to make sure that I don’t have termites. If there is an infestation of termites, they agreed to cover that under the same plan. They were on time and very professional. They didn’t say I have to stay under the contract. He is very thorough and explained what he was doing.

The mosquito treatment lasted well over a month. They arrived on time. Sprayed a larger area than the coupon stated. And, the treatment worked. I will definitely use them next year, only earlier in the summer.

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The mosquitoes reappear every year in spring, when the adult specimens that have managed to winter in sheltered places go out into the open. The mosquito females lay their eggs directly in the water or in its close vicinity and are the only ones to sting: they need a blood meal to make the eggs mature.

On our territory have developed both local species and species from other parts of the world; they are distinguished by different eating habits and breeding habits. Local species sting mainly at night and reproduce in natural environments (torrents, ponds, etc.); the “tiger mosquito”, instead, prefers small collections and stagnations of water such as saucers, buckets, bins, tubs and wells.

All mosquitoes need to deposit their eggs in still water areas. A few hours after the deposition the larvae are born, which have a vermiform aspect: it is possible to see them inside containers with stagnant water: they seem to hang upside down under the surface of the water. Within a few days the cycle of maturation takes place and become adult mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are important in the ecosystems of natural environments because they are prey to fish and birds, but in the city environment they can become too numerous and harassing, making disinfection interventions necessary.


The “tiger mosquito” is a small black mosquito with a white stripe on its back and white bands on its legs, native to the tropical humid forests of Southeast Asia.

The “tiger mosquitoes” are particularly annoying and irritating and sting even in broad daylight, but especially in the cooler hours; with their sting they can also transmit diseases.

The development of the “tiger mosquito” is strictly conditioned by the presence of stagnant water. The eggs are very resistant and can remain vital for several months in dry environments, waiting to be submerged to hatch. It typically reproduces in small-medium water stalls typically urban or domestic such as saucers, buckets, bins, tubs and wells.


Since 2013, the Municipality of Como has undertaken a program of biological control integrated with the tiger mosquito, to limit its spread as much as possible, guaranteeing in any case a reduced environmental impact and full respect for the environment and the health of citizens.

The program includes: 

  • the monitoring of the territory, in the spring months, to identify the sites at risk and the larval outbreaks already present. This activity allows planning disinfestation interventions against larvae, before they can become adults. The larvae disinfestation interventions are carried out on public land, while in the private areas surveys are carried out to inform citizens and to search, census and reduce the outbreaks of larvae development;
  • the positioning of specific monitoring traps, which remain active from May to October to assess the effective presence of “tiger mosquito” and the levels of infestation reached in the municipal territory;
  • the development, during the summer, of antilarval treatments in the drains of the road network, able to prevent the birth of adults during the entire reproductive season of the insect.  Since 2014 , thanks to the availability of a more performing organic product, only a biological protocol is applied in the municipal area.

Eliminate the cockroaches from your home

It is absolutely essential to act as soon as possible to eliminate the cockroaches, because a delay in actions could cause a rapid spread of these unwanted guests, not only in adjacent rooms but also in the whole house and in that of your neighbors. This is due to the extremely high rate of reproduction of cockroaches.

Identify the type of cockroach

The first step to solving your problems related to pests is to understand why the species is being infested. Identifying the species of cockroach to eliminate allows you to better assess the areas at risk and the best method of disinfestation.

The solutions to eliminate cockroaches can, in fact, involve different areas of intervention in relation to the type of cockroach to be disinfested.

Choosing the most suitable cockroach elimination treatment requires the presence of an experienced disinfestation as cockroaches are nocturnal insects and it is not always easy to identify the level of infestation and access points.

What to do to eliminate cockroaches

“Do it yourself” or professional method?

An important recommendation for those who identify the presence of cockroaches at home is to remove from the premises that must be treated, such as cooking, all food waste present and organic waste.

If you decide to intervene with cockroach traps, keep in mind that the areas affected by infestation must be cleaned thoroughly. In fact, cockroaches are able to transmit various diseasesto human beings.

It is therefore necessary to remove dead specimens, any droppings, oozes or other remains by vacuuming. Remember that the bags used must then be disposed of properly.

An operation of disinfestation from cockroaches in the company provides careful procedures that protect the company from hygienic dangers, as well as safeguarding it from future infestations thanks to the expert advice of a professional exterminator.

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