It is absolutely essential to act as soon as possible to eliminate the cockroaches, because a delay in actions could cause a rapid spread of these unwanted guests, not only in adjacent rooms but also in the whole house and in that of your neighbors. This is due to the extremely high rate of reproduction of cockroaches.

Identify the type of cockroach

The first step to solving your problems related to pests is to understand why the species is being infested. Identifying the species of cockroach to eliminate allows you to better assess the areas at risk and the best method of disinfestation.

The solutions to eliminate cockroaches can, in fact, involve different areas of intervention in relation to the type of cockroach to be disinfested.

Choosing the most suitable cockroach elimination treatment requires the presence of an experienced disinfestation as cockroaches are nocturnal insects and it is not always easy to identify the level of infestation and access points.

What to do to eliminate cockroaches

“Do it yourself” or professional method?

An important recommendation for those who identify the presence of cockroaches at home is to remove from the premises that must be treated, such as cooking, all food waste present and organic waste.

If you decide to intervene with cockroach traps, keep in mind that the areas affected by infestation must be cleaned thoroughly. In fact, cockroaches are able to transmit various diseasesto human beings.

It is therefore necessary to remove dead specimens, any droppings, oozes or other remains by vacuuming. Remember that the bags used must then be disposed of properly.

An operation of disinfestation from cockroaches in the company provides careful procedures that protect the company from hygienic dangers, as well as safeguarding it from future infestations thanks to the expert advice of a professional exterminator.